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Tree Removal Las Vegas

Tree Removal Las Vegas

While tree removal is the choice of last resort, sometimes it is necessary in the Las Vegas area. Trees ripe for removal include:

• Sick trees
• Trees that uproot sidewalks, cause cracks in foundations, or disrupt sewer lines
• Trees that are simply too close to important structures like houses

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At Nevada Tree Service, we have a proven track record of removing even the most hazardous of trees. Got palm trees? They’re no problem for us.

While tree removal is very dangerous, it’s a cinch when you use specialized equipment. Accidents can happen – so don’t attempt tree removal on your own. Our employees, however, have an extensive record of excellence in safety.

If you do need tree removal, make sure the company you choose has both workers compensation and general liability insurance. At Nevada Tree Service, we have all the appropriate insurance and are happy to give you a copy. You also have the opportunity to contact the insurance company and verify it for yourself.

Unfortunately, many companies operate without insurance, and if an accident happens, you can be held responsible. Before you have tree removal performed in the Las Vegas area, make sure you verify the company’s insurance.

And if you want a free, no-obligation estimate, contact us at 702-433-4700.

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Regardless of what you need done with your trees, we can help. Our trained professionals can help you decide how to care for your tree, cut, prune, or remove it entirely.

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