A tree just fell on your house: now what?

One of the worst things to run into, as a homeowner, is an emergency. A tree falling on your home is definitely one of them. If this has just happened to you, clear the area and call us at Nevada Tree Service, your reliable Las Vegas emergency tree service provider.

What Should You Do If a Tree Falls On Your Home?

As we said above, the first thing you should do if a tree falls on your home is to call for emergency tree services. That said, there are still a few more things you can do including removing valuables from the area, calling your insurance company, and if the damage is severe enough, leaving your home altogether.

3 Signs Your Tree May Fall

Responding to a fallen tree is always an emergency service, but there are still some ways to prevent this from happening. Three signs to look out for include:

  1. Rotting – One of the most easily identifiable signs that there is an “at risk” tree in your yard is rotting. Usually rot will be seen closer to the roots and includes the presence of mushrooms and other molding.
  2. Leaning – If you see a tree leaning to one direction, or exposed roots, there is an issue with your tree. Trees should generally be upright and sturdy, and a leaning tree could be a liability during storms season.
  3. Falling Branches – Is your tree literally falling apart? If a tree starts to lose complete branches and pieces of bark, this could definitely be a sign of worse things to come.

If you see any of these symptoms, give us a call and get tree service, which can easily remediated symptoms before they escalate.

Has a tree fallen on your home? Call Nevada Tree Service for fast and reliable emergency tree services, tree maintenance, and tree removal care. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%!

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Do you know how to safely care for and remove trees?

While trees can add value to your home, shade, and in some instances even food, they can also pose a risk if not cared for properly. In the event that you do need help with tree services, we at Nevada Tree Service are here to help. With reliable and experienced professionals, we can perform even the toughest jobs out there.

3 Reasons You Should Remove a Tree

Knowing when you need tree removal is the first step to understanding it. Here are three instances when you should call to have a tree removed from your property:

  • Tree Location – Is there a tree too close to your home? Is it causing cracks in your walls or the foundations of your home? If a tree is not removed, it can cause serious damage to your home, which could be extremely costly if not addressed quickly.
  • Tree Health – Dead trees can pose various risks for damage, especially in the event that they fall. Also, in some instances, trees can be sick, which can translate into damage to the rest of your landscaping. If this is the case, removing the tree is always the best course of action.
  • Tree Debris – Do you have a tree that is always filling your yard with leaves and dead branches? At Nevada Tree Service we understand that some trees cause more work than needed. If this is the case, we can remove the tree and assist in finding a better alternative that is perfect for your yard.

What are the Benefits of Tree Service?

Part of being a homeowner is properly carrying for your landscaping. When it comes to trees in your yard, that includes tree care, tree trimming, root pruning, and many more services that we at Nevada Tree Service provide.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with regular tree service include a nicer looking yard, longer lasting trees and landscaping, improved shade and look, as well as a general increase of the value of your home. If these sound like the benefits you would enjoy, be sure to give us a call for service in your area!

Are you looking for reliable tree removal and care services in the Las Vegas area? We at Nevada Tree Service are the top in the field of tree removal, care and maintenance ensuring the safety and beauty of your home!

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