Trees can add both beauty and value to a property, but they can also pose a threat if not properly maintained. If you have trees on your Las Vegas property it is crucial that you maintain them correctly so that they can live a long life without endangering your home or family. Routine tree maintenance and care will improve the appearance and health of the tree, along with improving the condition of surrounding landscaping and preventing damage from dead or decaying branches.

An unmaintained tree in poor condition is sometimes best to remove in order to avoid putting people and the property at risk. However, tree removal can be dangerous if not performed with sufficient knowledge about how to do it properly and safely. Tree removal can be done on your own, but is best done by experienced professionals.

Ways To Maintain Trees

Though there are many ways to maintain trees, two of the most common techniques used include pruning and mulching.

Pruning involves cutting down branches and other sections of the tree and is primarily done to remove any dead or disease-infected parts. If you neglect to prune infected branches, you increase the possibility of disease spreading to other sections of the tree, which can often cause irreparable damage.

Mulching aims at supporting the roots by offering it a cooler environment and making it stronger. To make it more effective, mulch is placed at least 3 inches below the ground level so that the roots of the tree are completely enveloped. Mulch also keeps away weeds from the roots.

Nevada Tree Services offers Tree Maintenance services that will provide regular care for any tree on your property improving curb appeal and ensuring safety.

Ways To Remove Trees

Tree RemovalAn easy way to remove a tree is to fell it. For this, you need to look at whether there is sufficient free area available so that the tree can fall without damaging anything. Then check the lean of the tree and cut it in a way that it will fall in the free area. If there is not enough free area around, you will need to cut the tree in sections.

To remove the stumps manually, you can use using a chainsaw, a shovel and other such equipment. Another option is to use chemicals like potassium nitrate to soften and destroy it completely. You can also choose to burn down the stump by drilling a hole through its center.

Tree removal is best done by experienced professionals, especially if the tree is too big or overgrown to remove on your own. With specialized knowledge and techniques, Nevada Tree Service is able to safely remove any tree on your property.

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The majority of the time, trees are a beneficial addition to any property. They add beauty to your home or business, enhancing its appearance. Unfortunately, trees can also pose certain hazards to your property. Without proper tree maintenance, the trees on your property can get out of hand, causing a variety of problems. Look out for the following tree hazards on your property and seek tree service if necessary.

Tree Maintenance Las Vegas

  • Proximity to Power Lines: If you have a tree growing in proximity to your power lines, you could have a major problem. A fallen tree limb could not only cut off power to your home, but could also start a fire.
  • Pruning Regrowth: Trees need to be pruned to ensure that they do not grow too close to your home, posing a hazard during severe weather. Watch for regrowth after pruning, and continue seeking regular tree maintenance.
  • Sprinkler & Sewer Damage: Another serious tree hazard to watch out for is tree roots growing into your sprinkler or sewer system, leading to serious plumbing damage. Watch for drains that flow slowly and blockages.
  • Broken Limbs: Severe weather such as wind and snow can lead to broken tree limbs or limbs that are only partially attached. You will need tree service to remove these limbs and keep them from falling.
  • Dead Branches: Similar to broken limbs, dead tree branches also need to be removed. They can easily fall from the tree and cause damage to your property and anyone in the vicinity.
  • Diseased Trees: When trees are diseased, tree removal is necessary to ensure that the disease does not spread, and to prevent limbs from breaking off and falling. Common signs of disease include open cavities and decay or rot on the tree.

Whether your property requires tree maintenance or tree removal, contact Nevada Tree Service for all of your tree service needs.

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Christmas tree

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.” The joy of having a well decorated Christmas tree in your living room on Christmas evening is one of the best things about this festival. Everybody focuses on decorating tree with bells, candy sticks & lights. However, all that would look good only if you have a beautiful, lush green and lively coniferous tree.

So, here are some tips to ensure that your tree is maintained in the best possible way and you can enjoy the festival with your friends and family –

  1. Displaying trees in traditional stands is a common thing. Try putting the trees in water stands this time. This will not only make the tree look beautiful, but at the same time will also help in maintaining fresh for much longer time.
  2. Do not remove the outer bark from the tree in order for it to fit in the stand. These outermost layers are the most efficient in retaining water.
  3. While decorating the tree, make sure if you use a water stand, then be sure that all the electrical supplies are placed away from water.
  4. While placing the tree make sure that the tree is placed away from fireplaces, heating vents and other sources that can be damaging to the tree.

So, gear up this season to give your friends and family a surprise with a perfect looking Christmas tree and drown yourself in the festivities of the season.

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