Trees provide many benefits for a property including aesthetic appeal or shade, but there comes a time when it becomes safer to cut a tree down than to leave it. When a tree shows signs that it must be cut down, it is extremely important for homeowners to act quickly and responsibly to ensure that it is removed an accident or hazardous situation can result. Failing to remove a tree can end in costly damage to property or, worse, in injury to yourself or those you love most.


At Nevada Tree Service, we understand the danger presented from trees that need to be cut down, which is why we highly recommend that you act quickly to avoid a dangerous situation. We offer professional Las Vegas tree removal in which our team of professionals will safely and effectively cut down the tree or trees necessary. The following are important signs to watch for if you suspect that a tree on your property may need to be cut down.




A diseased tree can be very dangerous as it presents a greater risk of falling. Disease in the tree can be identified through a number of indications. Among the first signs of disease to check foris the color and condition of its leaves. If the color of the leaves has taken a yellowish or discolored tone, hasstrange nodules, and shows little to no veins, your tree is very likely diseased. Another clear indication of disease in a tree is branches that are weak or trees with branches that seem to fall off frequently. A diseased tree is also prone to have roots, trunk, or branches that are rotting. Diseased trees may also become overtaken with pests such as insects, rodents, scorpions or worms.


Infected With Fungus


Check your tree thoroughly for any fungus growth on the trunk or at the roots. Mushroom growth at the base of tree or even on the trunk is an obvious sign that certain regions of the tree have been infected with fungus and have already started to rot. If you notice widespread fungal growth, then it is highly recommended that you cut down the tree immediately.


Hazardous Branches Or Horizontal Roots


If there are branches overhanging over your home or other structures on your property, you may be forced to cut down the tree as a long-term solution to protect your house or prevent costly repairs. This is especially true if there are too many branches or if the tree itself is permanently slanted in a way that will surely result in branches that will end up growing over your If this is the case, cutting down the branches will only be a temporary solution as they will continually grow back. In contrast, cutting the tree down will ensure that you get preventoverhanging branches from becoming a problem.


Overgrown roots or those growing horizontally can result in damages to property, landscaping, sprinkler systems, plumbing, or even sewer lines. Overgrown roots can also compromise the strength and stability of the tree making it crucial to act quickly in having the tree cut down.


Wrong Type Of Tree


It is extremely important to be sure that all trees planted on your property are compatible with the soil and climate of the area. Trees that incorrectly planted will not grow to their full potential and will be more susceptible to disease or weakness. Cutting down a tree that doesn’t belong will be the best way to avoid potential problems or hazards in the future.


Las Vegas Tree Removal


Nevada Tree Service provides professional tree removal for Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas. If you have a tree that you think may need to be cut down, call us today at (702) 433-4700. We not only have the knowledge to be able to inspect the tree to be sure, but we also have the experience and tools needed to safely and effectively cut it down.


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The winter season comes with many associated opportunities and challenges for people especially who love nature and trees. The temperature fluctuations caused due to storms, ice causes severe problems to the trees. Being a human being, you have no control over nature and weather conditions, you need to take extra care of your trees during winter season.

Following are a few issues that are encountered in tree care during winter season and how you should take care of your trees:

Breaking of Tree Branches: During winter season the wood of the trees get hardened and become brittle. It also gets damaged due to strong winds. This issue gets aggravated with accumulation of ice and snow. To minimize this risk, you need to strengthen the branches of the tree by providing additional support or using rope to tie up the branches. Use warm water over the area to remove any ice or you can use blow drier.

Frost Cracking: Due to temperature fluctuations the stress between inner wood and outer bark leads to cracks. You need to use tree blankets for cold weather. Further you can apply wilt prof in order to minimize winter damage and moisture loss.

Reduced Growth Rate: This problem occurs because of rupture of cell walls on new tips of branches. To reduce this risk, you need not proceed with pruning of the trees. The use of fertilizers having rich amount of nitrogen is also to be minimized.

Lack of hydration for Trees: This problem occurs when trees absorb less water from ground in comparison it looses. To avoid this, you can lay a thick layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree before winter starts. This will reduce moisture loss and act as a temperature buffer for the roots. Another technique could be removing of any irrigation bags before the temperature goes very down. Remove traces of ice with handle hands keeping in mind not to harm the trees.

Animals and Rodent Infestations: Small species like mice, rabbits, squirrels cause a lot of trouble for plants. You can use devices such as wire mesh to reduce this menace. Alternatively, you can use repellents to scare these species. Not only this, the bigger animals also never hesitate to rub against your defenseless trees. The better method be to surround the base of the tree with wire cage to keep bigger animals away from trees.

Use of Tree Care Service Provider:

Can you arrange and maintain all these services for your trees of your own? Good if your answer is yes; otherwise feel always free to contact Nevada Tree Service at 702-433-4700.

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