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Old trees can sometimes feel like a part of the family; they could have countless special memories attached to them or perhaps they’ve simply been on your property for generations. Making the decision to remove an old tree can be more difficult than you would expect, however sometimes it is just necessary.

There are many factors that could require you to have a tree removed. Old trees can develop a number of problems that could affect its health or even make them a danger. Even with regular tree care and maintenance, trees can become infested or grow too big for the area. Those, among other concerns can lead to the hard decision to have a beautiful feature of your yard removed.

Health Of The Tree

Trees, just like any living thing, will decline over time. Trees can develop disease, infestation, decay, or fungi. Signs of an unhealthy tree include decay on the trunk, dead branches, dropping of leaves or sap, and insect infestation. Experienced tree care specialists will better be able to tell you if the tree can be saved or if it is simply time remove it due to these and other concerns.

Tree Hollowness

A hollow tree can be dangerous creating a risk of collapsing. If one-third or more of the tree’s trunk is hollow or rotted, it is probably a good idea to have it removed. While a tree can live for years with a hollow trunk, it is still poses a significant danger that should not be neglected.

Dead Branches

Large trees with broken or damaged branches are a hazard to your property, possessions and any person that comes near to them. If more than 25 percent of the larger branches are dead or damaged, the chances of the tree surviving lessen and the chances of it needing to be cut down increase. Pruning the large dead branches can create the possibility for new growth, helping to extend the life of the tree. Experienced arborists will be able to tell you the potential for new growth or the need to have the tree removed.

Tree Leaning Over

Trees that are leaning over present the greatest risk and provide a significant reason for having the tree removed. Sudden breakage and weakened roots can both contribute to a leaning tree. Trees that lean suddenly in particular should be removed quickly. A good indicator that the tree has leaned too far is if it leans more that 15 percent from a vertical position.

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