Unsightly tree stumps can be pesky and inconvenient yard ornaments, and doing the work to remove them may seem daunting. Whether you do the work yourself or rely on a specialist in tree removal, there are solutions for getting rid of these nuisances.


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Here are four ways to remove tree stumps from your yard.

  1. Grinding: Rent a stump grinder from a local retailer or hire a professional who specialize
    s in tree removal to get the job done. The machine works to grind the surface of tree stumps, all the way to the roots.
  2. Burning: This method may seem like the simplest, since you avoid throwing chemicals on the stump and you can save strain on your back. First, contact the local fire department to make sure there are no restrictions for open fires in your area. After you have the go-ahead, lay cut wood on top of the stump and surround it with more wood. Let the fire burn for several hours, then clean out the ash and replace with sawdust.
  3. Digging: Using a shovel, dig around the stump to expose the roots as much as possible. Use a root saw to chop the roots into pieces and pull out what you are able with a grub hoe. When all the roots are removed, pull up the stump, using a shovel if necessary. Fill the hole with sawdust, adding to it as the material sinks down.
  4. Chemicals: Special chemicals, which can be secured through retailers who are knowledgeable about tree removal, are designed to break up stumps and make them easier to remove. Drill a series of holes on the top surface of the stump, spacing them evenly.Apply the chemical remover, being sure to keep kids and pets away from the area. It may take several weeks for tree stumps to soften and begin to rot, and after this time can be chopped with a shovel or ax.

Safety First

Whatever method you decide on, be sure to practice safety first. Wear proper eye wear, protective gloves, and keep the area safe from kids. When in doubt, contact a trusted and professional company like Nevada Tree to handle the job.

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After a tree removal – either because the tree died, got sick, or was threatening a nearby structure – the leftover stump can continue to take up space in your backyard. As all organic matter, the stump will eventually degrade and disappear on its own, although this can take decades.


If you were hoping to plant a new tree or build anything else in that space, then a quicker solution will be needed. One of the following 5 methods can help, depending on the local legislation and the size of the stump.

  1. Burning The Stump

A quick method of stump removal, building a bonfire on top of the stump will also create the opportunity for a fun family barbecue. However, this should not be attempted in areas with legal restrictions on open fires. Keeping an extinguisher around during the process is not optional.

  1. Digging It Out

This is one of the most classic methods to get rid of a tree stump, although it only counts as a truly easy method if the stump is small enough. The best way to approach this is by loosening the ground around the stump first, and then chopping off the roots before attempting to remove anything.

  1. Using a Mechanical Grinder

A mechanical tree stump grinder offers the possibility to get rid of a stump in less than a day. This method, however, requires the use of a lot of equipment and strict safety measures: in addition to renting the grinder itself, you will need a full set of safety gear, including steel-toed boots, as well as a chain saw. Most tree service providers allow you to hire the equipment and manpower to handle this delicate task.

  1. Chemical Removal

This method involves digging holes into the top of the stump and filling them with one a chemical designed to speed up the stump’s degradation process. However, these chemicals can damage nearby plants and pets, so this method is best approached under the supervision of a tree care expert.

  1. Hiring The Full Deal

Nowadays, most tree service companies will include the stump as part of a comprehensive tree removal solution. This is often the safest bet for those who have children or pets who may be put at risk by heavy machinery or strong chemicals, as the entire process can be quickly handled and supervised by professionals.

Choosing the best way to get rid of an old tree’s stump will have to take into account the area and the presence of any pets or small children. The tree care professionals at Nevada Tree Service will provide you with a free estimate and a thorough assessment.


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Many times removing trees that tend to threaten the property becomes necessary. After a tree has been cut, the stumps are those hard-to-remove parts that can pollute the beauty of your yard. If you have a problem with tree stump removal from your property, here are a few ways in which it can be performed:

  • Stump removal liquids: You can layer on the stump removal liquids two to three times with a paint brush. Different products have varied success rates and this process can take a long time.
  • Stump grinders: You can rent a stump grinder but you need to have somebody with the skill to control the machine well. If you are not mechanically inclined, you can have a professional tree service provider to do the job for you.
  • Manual removal of stump: If you have a high patience level, this method can work for you. It will involve cutting down the tree deep and doing a tremendous amount of digging.  However, depending on the depth and width of the roots this may not even be an option.

Stump removal of a tree is essential for maintaining a beautiful yard. You can choose any of the above methods according to your requirements and suitability.

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