Clean tools, healthy trees! Saves you money in the long run! Posted on by NVTree

Clean tools, healthy trees

So I am sure that many of you have seen the same types of ads placed in different places…you know for unlicensed inexpensive tree services. Or your landlord might send someone over that will just chop and chop your trees! Plus their tools are most likely not sanitized. This has happened to many people in the valley. PLUS they may leave the palm fronds on the drive for you to pick up and discard of.

These types of services….they can do more harm than good. Spread diseases throughout your tree and end up costing your more than what you paid. Think of it this way..would you go to an unlicensed Doctor? Don’t you want their equipment to be sanitized? The same is exactly true when you look for a tree service! Licensed, bonded, and sanitary! Plus we show up on time and have many letters from “Happy, Satisfied Customers!”

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