How the drought in Nevada is affecting your trees Posted on by NVTree

Drought conditions in 2012 affected over half the country, especially people in the southwestern states like Nevada. The forecasts for 2013 predict that these drought conditions will continue. In the Las Vegas tree service industry, we see many immediate effects that can be seen of drought, such as wilting leaves and drooping branches. For many trees, however, the worst symptoms may be yet to come. Older, hardier trees can withstand drought conditions like a lack of water and nutrients for a time, but extended drought will affect the health of the trees. Some of the potential problems include root damage, which leads to stunted growth, and insect infestations which take advantage of a trees weakened state.  It is important to closely observe trees that are affected by drought and take steps to properly care for them.  If you have any questions please contact Nevada Tree service at 702-433-4700.

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