That depends on the tree. However, Nevada has a fairly “flexible” trimming season. We inspect every tree before trimming it to make sure it can handle either the heat of the summer or the cooler temperatures of winter. It’s best to discuss this question with our estimators and they can provide more information based on the condition and health of the tree. There are also trees in Nevada, Palm trees for example, that are best trimmed when the seed pods start to come out. So, ask our estimators and they can give you an idea when is the best time to trim your particular trees.

If nothing major has changed our quotes are good for six months.

Payment is due upon completion. When the job is finished you can pay the foreman directly or send in a check to the office. If you are unable to be at the job-site when the job is finished simply send in a check to our office after you have inspected our work.

We try to get our estimates done as fast as possible so that you can move forward on your projects. It usually takes anywhere from 1-3 days. However, if it’s possible our goal is to meet with you the day after you call the office.

Yes! This is becoming a critical question to not only ask but to verify. In Nevada some insurance companies consider it an act of “negligence” on the homeowners’ part if they hire someone who is not licensed or insured and will refuse to pay if there is a claim. We recommend that you get written paper work and call to verify that it is still current for the following insurance: Workers compensation and general liability. Workers compensation insurance is extremely expensive for the tree industries and many companies simply don’t carry it. Request proof of insurance and CALL to VERIFY that it is still current!

No, all estimates are free of charge. Call our office and an estimator will meet you at the property and provide you with an estimate. If your schedule is such that you can’t be there we will simply call you from the site, discuss what you would like to have done and provide you with an estimate.