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Even the mightiest of oaks need our care and attention so that it can effortlessly gather strength from it’s roots. Periodic inspections help trees’ growth and protect your investment. We help your trees retain its life so that your hopes from it can see many more springs in it. Whether a matured tree or a budding tree, we cater their concerns with the same diligence. With us, you can avail the best of tree care in entire Nevada. Here are a few general ideas about how we can keep our trees nourished and healthy:

1) Clean the base surrounding

Gather fallen leaves, twigs or any debris accumulated near the base. Uncared base surrounding endangers a tree especially if the tree is susceptible to fungal diseases. Over 300 species of eudicot plants, e.g. tomatoes, oilseed rape, cotton etc., are threatened by Verticillium wilt. Make sure your tree does not succumb to any such injury. Check for protective winter wraps, and if the climate is warm, remove them at once.

2) Soil

Inspect the soil frequently. A well-cared soil serves many purposes: it conserves moisture, allows the air to seep in, improves fertility and retains the grip of the tree roots. Apply a layer of at least 3″ mulch around trees to retain maximum moisture, and repel intruding weeds. It is very crucial for budding trees, having age less than ten years.

Though natural manure is best for soil but even the available synthetic fertilizers can do wonders in helping tree growth adequately. Different species have different mineral needs, and we know the best which fertilizer can suit your particular tree. Please call us at (702)-433-4700 to learn more and get a free estimate for tree maintenance..

3) Moisture

Wait until soil thaws to facilitate the development of porous surface. Once done that, water trees several times if needed. Do not allow them to wane in heat. Manually check for the sprinkler system, insect emitters and lines for leaks. Adjust the sprinkler to suit the tree’s horticultural requirements. Do not sprinkle water onto the foliage of trees susceptible to fungal diseases. Consult a specialist here to discuss more how to avoid such situations.

4) Rodent infestations

Look for any rabbit or vole damage near the base of the trunk. Prevent all such unwanted inhabitants by properly screening the base, and keep monitoring the tree’s health at regular periods. Use repellants to shoo away the insects and pests, they are a great threat to any tree’s health and economic value. Contact our certified arborists to receive specialized tree care advice and tree maintenance services. Let’s save your trees, save the Mother Earth. We are pleased to offer our services as guardians of botanical health.

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