Hey, it’s Christmas and Let’s Celebrate it with a Live Christmas Tree! Posted on by NVTree

Christmas, the season of gifts marks the presence of Christmas Trees in almost all the homes and the festivity of Christmas is incomplete without a naturally living Christmas tree. A Christmas tree glowing with colorful lights and candles, decorated beautifully with sparkling stuffs, ornaments and garlands all around, is basically an evergreen, naturally alive coniferous tree.

For majority of people, celebrating Christmas with the family starts by choosing a healthy growing tree to decorate splendidly. Just know few important things that a living coniferous tree requires –

  • Cut about a quarter or a half inch at the bottom of the tree
  • Apply water to it within 6 hours after the cut
  • Use suitable tree cradles or stands to affix the base of the tree firmly
  • Ensure that the bottom of the tree is not covered with dirt
  • Provide enough watering space & keep the tree at a correct temperature
  • Place the tree in a safe location

Finally decorate it with glittering stars, colorful small objects, silver & golden colored hanging balls, some colorful tiny balls, etc.

Christmas Tree

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