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Despite taking good care of the trees on your property, there may come a time when a tree will need to be removed. Removing a tree may also be a necessary step in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a yard or to make space for a new landscaping feature, but it may also be a requirement if a tree is showing signs or symptoms that removal is necessary. While choosing to cut down a tree can be a difficult decision, it is often important in order to protect property, surrounding landscaping, and even people.

Nevada Tree Service specializes in professional Las Vegas tree removal including identifying the signs of a tree that should be cut down. In this post, we will look at three major indications that a tree will potentially need to be removed soon.


When microbes and fungi begin to digest wood, a tree starts decaying.  Trees with signs of decay are not only unpleasant in appearance, but they can also pose a real danger of falling over causing damage to a nearby house or building or even people walking by. Unfortunately, decay is not an issue that can easily be treated and resolved. Decay is a clear sign that a tree will need to be removed quickly. Signs of decay include loose bark, deep cracks or holes in the trunk, mushroom or fungal growth, deadwood, soft or crumbly wood, weak branches, presence of carpenter ants, and damage to the root system. If you see any of these symptoms or suspect potential decay, you should seriously begin to consider having the tree removed. If you are unsure if the negative signs you are seeing on a tree is decay or a treatable disease, contact our team at Nevada Tree Services today. We have the knowledge to identify decay and the experience to remove a tree before it can become a liability.

Invasive Roots

Trees with very large roots can become troublesome for any homeowner. Large invasive root systems can affect the health of a lawn or at the very least make it difficult to mow and maintain. Roots can also grow into cement structures such as driveways or patios and cause cracks compromising their structure. Invasive roots have even been the cause of serious sewer and plumbing problem. Tending to the potential repairs caused by invasive root systems can be expensive and is often only resolved by removing the tree. Nevada Tree Service is able to assess a tree’s root system and help you to determine if it would be best to remove the tree before damage can be done.


Trees that have been damaged or weakened are another clear sign for the need to remove a tree. Trees can become damaged due to severe weather or other incidents. Even root systems can weaken or damage trees. For instance, some trees will develop circle roots that will never be able to support the weight of the tree properly. A tree with extensive damage or inherent weaknesses poses a threat to the safety of your home as well as to those living in it. If you have discovered signs of potential weakness or clear signs of damage, contact Nevada Tree Service to have the tree professionally removed soon.

Las Vegas Tree Removal

Nevada Tree Service offers professional Las Vegas tree removal that is done safely and efficiently in order to prevent damage from a decaying, damaged, or weakened tree. Contact us today at (702) 433-4700 to request a free estimate on tree removal in Las Vegas.

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