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Spring Planting GuideNot to early to think about what you are planning on planting this Spring! Take a look at the table below and please give us a call is you have any questions! Enjoy! 702-433-4700

Common Name Scientific Name

Height (feet)


Rate Longevity


Needs Uses in the Landscape


Alkali Sacaton Sporobolus airoides 3 Mod Mod Low H, D, E

Indian Rice Grass Achnatherum hymenoides 2 Mod Short Low D, W, H


Anemopsis Anemopsis californica 1 Mod Long High N, M

Desert Carpet Acacia Acacia redolens 2 Fast Short Low E, D, EG


Bi-Color Penstemon Penstemon Bicolor 3 Mod Short Low W, C

Desert Marigold Baileya mulitradiata 2 Slow Short Mod C

Flax Linum lewisii 2 Mod Short Mod C, D, L, E, W

Globe Mallow Sphaeralcea ambigua 4 Fast Short Low N, C, D, M

Green Indian Tea Ephedra viridis 3 Slow Long Low H, D

Horsetail Equisetum hyemale 4 Fast Long High EG, E

Indian Tea Ephedra nevadensis 5 Mod Short Low H, W

Mojave Woodyaster Xylorhiza tortifolia 2 Fast Low C

Mountain Rush Juncus balticus 1 to 3 Fast Mod High H

Palmer’s Penstemon Penstemon palmerii 4 Mod Short Low W, C


Trumpet Vine Campsis radicans 40 Fast Long Low L, W, D, C


Beavertail Cactus Opuntia basilaris 1 Slow Long Low N


Apache Plume Fallugia paradoxa 6 Mod Long Low E, N, D,C, EG

Bladdersenna Colutea arborescens 8 Fast Long Low W, D, E, H

Burrobrush Hymenoclea salsola 3 to 8 Fast Short Low N, H, D

Bursage Ambrosia dumosa 2 Fast Short Low N, H, D

Caragana or Siberian Pea Shrub Caragana arborescens 10 Fast Mod Low E, S, D, L, W

Caragana Pygmy Variety Caragana Pygmaea 3 Mod Mod Low E, S, D, L, W

Centennial Broom Baccharis ‘Centennial’ 3 Fast Long Low EG

Cotoneaster Cotoneaster acutifolius 10 Fast Mod Low E, S, D, M, W

Creosote Larrea tridentata 6 Slow Long Low EG, N, S, W

Desert Broom Baccharis sarothroides 7 Mod Short Low E, N, H, D

Desert Princeplume Stanleya pinnata 5 Fast Short Low C

Emory Baccharis Baccharis emoryi 12 Fast Mod Mod H, N, W

Euonymus Euonymus japonica 6 Mod Long Mod E, S, EG, L, W

E- Erosion Control, N- Native, D- Drought Tolerant, C- Color, W- Wildlife, H- High Salt Tolerance, M- Moderate Salt Tolerance, L- Low Salt

Tolerance, EG- Evergreen, S- Wind Screen

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