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Staking newly planted trees should be avoided if possible. There are benefits to staking a tree, but they usually do not outweigh the consequences. During the first year after a tree is planted, it is crucial for a strong root structure to develop. Trees that are not staked but allowed to sway in the wind respond by producing roots in appropriate number and sizes to handle the wind.

There are exceptions to this rule. In very windy areas it may be necessary to stake a tree. If this is the case they should be tied loosely to the stake allowing an inch or two of room to sway. Also, a wide strip of material that won’t hurt the tree should be used so as not to damage the trunk. Good materials include old T-shirts, canvas, or rubber inner tubes. Wire or other such materials can do a lot of damage if they dig into the trunk of the tree. The stake should be removed after the first year to allow roots to further develop. A professional tree service will be able to help you assess your trees and stake them if needed.

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