Root bound trees are often found when purchased from a commercial store. These trees are planted in a pot with restricted space for the roots to grow and are often left in these pots for extended periods of time. With nowhere for them to extend to, the roots begin to grow in circles around the bottom of the pot and sometimes even grow into themselves and become tangled. Without proper room to grow, the root system cannot thrive making it difficult for the tree itself to grow and strengthen.

Why Should You Avoid Buying Root Bound Trees?

Due to a confined space or even poor soil quality, trees with circling roots or root girdling (when the roots grow into themselves) cannot grow to their full potential. This inevitably leads to a weakened tree that can lead to a tree that becomes uprooted easily, become diseased or weakened early on, or even die prematurely.

Among the potential problems caused by purchasing a root bound tree are:

– Restricted root growth: The roots will become accustomed to growing in the circular motion and even after planting will continue to grow in that pattern. This inevitably leads to root girdling and the roots eventually get tangled restricting their potential for growth.


– Becoming susceptible to harsh conditions creating the potential of being uprooted or falling over: With an immature, weakened root system, the tree itself will not become strengthen as the root system does not become established in the ground. A weak tree that is not properly anchored will can easily be knocked down when a strong storm or high winds come through.


– Roots that grown in a concentrated area of the soil causing an inability to draw water and nutrients from the soil: Roots that cannot extend outward to other parts of the soil, will quickly absorb the full amount of available nutrients in their concentrated area and will be unable to draw from moisture and nutrients from the areas surrounding it.


– Weak or diseased trees: As the tree runs out of healthy soil, it will become sickly and weak, shortening its potential life span.


– Tree trunk that grows over the root, choking the tree and weakening it: Roots will grow in a small circle around the trunk of the tree, which will only grow as the tree ages. Simultaneously the trunk of the tree will grow and eventually engulf the root, choking the tree’s ability to continue growing.


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