Whenever you hire a tree service company to remove trees from your property, there is always the risk of damage or injury. Trees are large and as such both homeowners and professional tree service companies cannot operate without the understanding that there is a possibility of damage or even injury to one or more of the workers in the process. It is important that you are well informed in case there is ever an accident on your property during a professional tree service.

Tree Service Company Insurance

Before you hire a tree service company, it is important to check that the company has both general liability insurance and workers compensation. Both help to provide you with financial protection in the case of an accident during the tree maintenance, tree removal or any other tree service process.

Worker’s compensation insurance will ensure that a worker is financially compensated in the event of accident or injury. Hiring a company with proper insurance helps to ensure that you are not financially liable.

General liability insurance offers compensation for any damages to your property. In other words, if a tree falls and destroys a side of the fence, then the insurance company will pay for the damages. However, keep in mind that general liability insurance does not cover for worker injuries. If an employee of the tree service company is injured on your property and the company only offered general liability, you will then be required to compensate for those injuries. This is why it is advised to always ensure that the tree service company offers both types of insurance.

What To Do If The Tree Service Company Does Not Have Workers Comp Insurance?

If a worker is injured when tending to a tree on your property and you find that the company does not have workers comp insurance, you will legally be bound to pay financial compensation to the worker. Because the company that employed the worker is uninsured, you are essentially considered the employer by the court making you responsible for any injuries while workers are performing the task you have contracted for.

The best way to protect yourself from potentially crippling financial responsibility is to ensure that the tree service company you hire is comprehensively insured. You can request to view their Certificate Of Insurance along with policy information to ensure that their insurance is both in place and in good standing.

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