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Tree Pruning- Newly Planted Trees

Tree PruningPruning a newly planted tree should be done with caution and only when absolutely necessary. New trees need their leaves to photosynthesize. Removing the leaves or stems can harm a trees ability to thrive. Some pruning might be necessary to fix the trees structure. Broken branches, crossing and rubbing stems are examples of problems that should be fixed with pruning.

Tips for Tree Pruning

  • Tree pruning should not be done until you have fully inspected the tree. Before making any cuts, inspect from the top of the tree to the bottom.
  • Keep tools sharp.
  • For high branches use a pole pruner, or call a professional tree service. In the Las Vegas area call Nevada Tree at 702-433-4700.
  • Don’t prune more than 1/4 of a trees crown in a single year.
  • When shortening a branch make the cut about 1/4 inch from a bud that will grow in an outward direction.

For major pruning jobs on large trees it is best to be safe and have the work done by a professional. If you have any questions contact Nevada Tree at 702-433-4700.

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