Watering Trees in the Summer in Las Vegas Posted on by NVTree

There are many factors that affect how your trees should be watered including location of the tree, soil conditions, weather, any root damage, age of the tree, and species of the tree. Here are some basic guidelines to watering your trees in Las Vegas in the summer.

  1. Water deeply, not frequently. Most areas of Las Vegas have clay soil which is much slower to drain than sandy soil. This means trees do not need to be watered as often. When watering your tree you want to make sure the water seeps down to where the roots are, usually 18-24 inches deep. Don’t water again until this area has dried completely. Aim to water your trees about twice a week in the summer time. If you are having to water more often, consider watering the tree for longer periods each time.
  2. Don’t water directly on the trunk of the tree or the immediate surrounding area as this can make your tree susceptible to disease. The roots extend below ground far beyond the top of the tree. Water the ground under the outer portion of the tree canopy and beyond.
  3. Mulch can help keep the soil around the tree from drying out. Consider adding mulch to your landscaping to help conserve water.
  4. There are many different types of irrigation systems including hoses, drips, and sprinklers. Consult a professional tree service to find out which is best for your trees in your area.

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