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Adding trees to your landscaping can make a big difference in improving the appearance of your yard. They also provide a low maintenance option that provides aesthetic benefit without time-consuming upkeep. While a new young tree might be low-maintenance, it is important to remember that they will require basic care in order to ensure growth and maintain the health of the tree.


By committing to proper tree care, especially during the first five years, you will be able to ensure a healthy and mature tree for years and years to come. You can help your young tree thrive with the following recommendations:


Proper Watering


Its no secret that trees need water to live, grow, and stay healthy, however, if you are not following a proper watering schedule you could cause more harm than good. Overwatering can cause lead to fungus or rot, while under watering will stump tree growth. When watering young trees be careful to


– Aim for deep watering that will allow roots to grow deeper underground
– Avoid direct spraying from sprinkler systems or consider a drip irrigation system instead
– Check soil moisture to ensure there is proper drainage. Soil should be moist, but not wet or pooling.
– Maintain a regular watering schedule and keep in mind that young trees may need more water, particularly during the first 3 years


Add Mulch


Laying down mulch around the base of the tree will help prevent weed growth and also help the soil to retain a greater amount of moisture providing a young tree with a better source for the nutrients needed to grow. A good layer of mulch will be around 3-4 inches thick and shouldn’t have direct contact with the tree. Make sure to pull any weeds or grasses from the area before mulching so that the tree is not forced to compete for moisture and nutrients.


Don’t Forget To Prune


Tree pruning is most effectively done during the winter months when a tree is dormant and growth has slowed. Pruning allows you to remove any damaged or diseased branches that could put the rest of the tree at risk. Removing weak, sick, or hazardous branches will also help to maintain a safe environment around the tree for loved ones and property.


Don’t Put Off Pulling Weeds


Weeds and grasses will compete with a tree for water and nutrients found in shared soil. Make sure that you pull weeds consistently, keeping the base of the tree clear. This will give your young tree a better opportunity to strengthen and grow.


Routine Cleaning


Just as you want to keep the area around your tree free of weeds, you also want to keep it clear of yard waste and debris. Twigs, leaves, and flowers regularly fall from the tree and have a tendency to collect around the base of the tree. Clear away this debris on a regular basis in order to prevent disease or pest infestations.


Be Careful To Protect Your Tree


When doing yard work with trimmers or lawn mowers, make sure that you are careful to not cut into or hit the tree bark. A young tree that is cut or damaged will be more susceptible to disease, infestation, and poor growth. You can also protect your tree by not wrapping lights, rope, or other outdoor décor objects around the trunk; leaving these things tied to the tree for long periods of time can also affect tree growth.


Invest In Professional Tree Care Service


At Nevada Tree Service in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have provided high-quality tree care service since 1962. We have experience in caring for new, young trees to old mature ones and all ages in between. Call us today at (702) 433-4700 for expert young tree care service at an affordable price.

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