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Trees are majestic creatures, standing like sentinels in the hierarchy of mother nature. They are the reason we are all alive. They provide us with shade, fruit, flowers, wood and so many other countless things that we seldom think of but use almost everyday for general use.

Most common of the gifts from the trees and the most valuable to mankind, Oxygen. Come to think of it, we are still living in a world where barter system exists. Well, in a way. We breathe in the oxygen from the trees and breathe out Carbon di-Oxide for them to use, only to get more oxygen in return, and the wheel keeps turning.

Their are trees which are thousands of years old, but are still growing and thriving. Even though they are the oldest known surviving living things, they also need care and nurture from time to time. Without proper love and attention, they too shall wither and die.

Here are a few bullets one should have in mind if one wants to take good care of one’s trees. If followed to the point and religiously, one can never go wrong with their trees.



Like humans need a periodic haircut for proper hair growth, same goes for trees. Without proper trimming of dead or weak branches, their growth is hindered. If pruning is not done atleast once a year, it can lead to unhealthy growth and an unstable structure. Weak or dead branches should not be left unattended. When required trimming and pruning is done on a regular basis, the tree is allowed more space to expand and grow. V shaped branches are the weakest ones, and should be targeted first.



Fertilizers are the nutrients that trees need to grow and bloom. However, before applying fertilizers, one should know what fertilizer he should use for what kind of tree. Different trees have different requirements. One can also consult with an arborist and learn the application of these fertilizers and their frequency of use. Excess fertilizer can again cause the destruction of the tree.



A mulch is a piece of cloth that is put around the trees or plants on the ground, to retain the moisture in the soil, control oxygen levels and regulate the temperature, all of which contribute to the direct development of the tree. It is one of the most widely used, effective and easy techniques used around the world to help nurture the growth of the tree.


Storm proofing:-

No matter how much we prune or fertilize, no one can withstand the wrath of mother nature. Trees should be taken proper care of, and some provision should be made to combat the strong winds of a storm, for it can strip the tree off its leaves and flowers. Let alone that, storms are known even to uproot the tree itself. Instead of rehabilitating damaged trees, they should be removed to protect the surrounding trees from any damage it might cause.


Remember to water them as often as you can, no matter what the season. They increase the property value, regulate air conditioning and appear soothing to the eye. All in all, trees are the essence of our lives, and in the same way they stand in the sun to give us shade, they too deserve a little care from our end.

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