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Proper pruning makes the difference between a beautiful landscape and one filled with tangled branches. Aside from aesthetic appeal, tree pruning results in vigorous new growth that keeps trees healthy and vibrant. Tree care also ensures safety by removing dead or broken branches, which are otherwise a safety hazard since they can fall on people, power lines, or your home.

Tree care in Las Vegas is something every homeowner should prioritize. Here are a few tips to make your tree pruning as productive and effective as possible:

  • Prune during the dormant season. While you can technically invest in tree care at any time, it’s more effective to prune a tree when it’s dormant. This results in explosive new growth during the following spring. If you prune during the summer, then wait until the season’s growth is finished so you don’t “dwarf” the growth of the tree.
  • Invest in proper equipment. From scissor anvil pruning sheers to scissor action lopping sheers, it’s important to invest in equipment for the task at hand. While anyone can research and practice the rules of pruning, using the correct tools is paramount to success. This also ensures safety and a job well done.
  • Target V-shaped branches. In general, V-shaped branches are the weaker ones that should be eliminated. Keep U-shaped angles, as these are strong and likely to grow. Furthermore, maintain the ratio of living crown to tree height above two-thirds. If you’re not sure which branches to eliminate while tree pruning, target branches that cross other branches or otherwise obstruct them.

With so many considerations, techniques, and equipment necessary for proper tree care, it’s important to consider hiring a professional tree service in Las Vegas. Not only is it more time efficient, but it’s also possible to save money in the long run while ensuring the greatest tree care possible.

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