Tree Watering Tips for the Summer Posted on by NVTree

To grow strong and healthy, a tree needs proper nutrients, a great deal of sunlight, and adequate watering. Proper tree care means more than simply saturating the ground around the tree with water, as that will do more damage than good, especially to a young tree. The following are several tips for watering trees to achieve the best results:

    For young trees, water is important. They will need sufficient water to grow properly. Water heavily a few times a week, so the water will sink into the deep soil, encouraging deeper root growth. Adding mulch above the ground will also help to keep the soil from drying out in direct sunlight.
    Too much water, as mentioned above, can damage a young tree. The ground should be moist, but not soggy. Moist ground allows oxygen to pass through, whereas soggy soil will erode and take away important nutrients.
    After the first two years, a tree will be able to withstand periods of drought and it will become less necessary to water it regularly. Drought resistant trees are a good option if you live in a consistently dry climate. Tree care in Las Vegas might be more difficult than in southern California, for example.
    Soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems are particularly useful in keeping the soil moist and oxygenated but also nutrient rich. Sprinklers are also good at keeping the entire lawn watered, allowing the tree roots to spread far throughout the ground.
    Watering the leaves of fruiting and deciduous trees could damage the fruit, encouraging the growth of fungus or disease. Water does the most use within the roots.

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