Why Expert Tree Care Is Needed When Your Tree Is Sick or Dying Posted on by NVTree
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It can be easy to forget that even the oldest olive tree is a living, breathing thing – and therefore liable to disease and eventual death. However, you should not mourn the shade and beauty of your favorite tree without a thorough assessment – there may be hope for it yet.

Just Like with Humans, Tree Care Is Best Left to Professionals

A sick tree is, sadly, not just unsightly, but also an impending danger to your home, neighbors, and family. Many root problems and fungi can weaken the tree to the point of causing it to fall, especially if you live in an area prone to aggressive winds such as Nevada.

Likewise, many tree diseases are contagious, which means that the fungus killing your beautiful oak may soon be all over your roses too. While this makes a powerful case to immediately get rid of any sick trees in your property, it’s important to keep in mind that a good tree service won’t limit itself to getting rid of any and all trees they are called about.

When It Comes to Sickness, Diagnosis Is Key

After detecting a sick or tilted tree, many homeowners are tempted to take matters into their own hands and simply cut the tree off. However, such a rushed decision may end up killing a non-terminal patient: only an experienced arborist will be able to determine exactly what is affecting the tree.

Tree Care

Many types of fungi can be reversed, and imbalanced growth corrected, through opportune tree care. After all, a cedar or birch that has been growing for decades deserves the chance to be saved. Should the tree be determined to be unsalvageable, then a tree service will help you remove it safely, without endangering any of the surrounding property.

Just like any other living thing, tree health has many nuances that are not obvious to the untrained eye. Nevada Tree Service will offer you their professional’s know-how to determine how best to heal an ailing tree, or to safely remove it.

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