Old trees can sometimes feel like a part of the family; they could have countless special memories attached to them or perhaps they’ve simply been on your property for generations. Making the decision to remove an old tree can be more difficult than you would expect, however sometimes it is just necessary.

There are many factors that could require you to have a tree removed. Old trees can develop a number of problems that could affect its health or even make them a danger. Even with regular tree care and maintenance, trees can become infested or grow too big for the area. Those, among other concerns can lead to the hard decision to have a beautiful feature of your yard removed.

Health Of The Tree

Trees, just like any living thing, will decline over time. Trees can develop disease, infestation, decay, or fungi. Signs of an unhealthy tree include decay on the trunk, dead branches, dropping of leaves or sap, and insect infestation. Experienced tree care specialists will better be able to tell you if the tree can be saved or if it is simply time remove it due to these and other concerns.

Tree Hollowness

A hollow tree can be dangerous creating a risk of collapsing. If one-third or more of the tree’s trunk is hollow or rotted, it is probably a good idea to have it removed. While a tree can live for years with a hollow trunk, it is still poses a significant danger that should not be neglected.

Dead Branches

Large trees with broken or damaged branches are a hazard to your property, possessions and any person that comes near to them. If more than 25 percent of the larger branches are dead or damaged, the chances of the tree surviving lessen and the chances of it needing to be cut down increase. Pruning the large dead branches can create the possibility for new growth, helping to extend the life of the tree. Experienced arborists will be able to tell you the potential for new growth or the need to have the tree removed.

Tree Leaning Over

Trees that are leaning over present the greatest risk and provide a significant reason for having the tree removed. Sudden breakage and weakened roots can both contribute to a leaning tree. Trees that lean suddenly in particular should be removed quickly. A good indicator that the tree has leaned too far is if it leans more that 15 percent from a vertical position.

Las Vegas Tree Removal

If you have an old tree on your property that has you questioning if it should be removed, contact Nevada Tree Service today. We have extensive experience in determining if a tree needs to be removed and also in removing trees safely. Call us today at (702) 433-4700 for a free estimate.

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If you’ve recently bought a new home, but the property has too many trees for your liking or trees in poor condition, you might consider hiring professional tree removal service to get your new home ready for you and your family. You may consider removing trees on your property in order to:

Preserve Structure Of The Home

Trees that are too close to the house can cause damage to the house or to other structures on the property. Roots can grow into the foundation weakening the construction of the house. Damaged trees can have large branches break off or fall over entirely causing major damage to the roof and structure of the house. The best way to avoid such potential damage is to remove trees that are too close to the house, especially trees in poor condition.

Prevent Falling

You should also consider removing any trees with a dangerous lean, particularly if it leans in the direction of your house. While some trees may withstand for years with a lean, a lean can be an indication of a damaged tree at a greater risk of falling. If you are unsure whether a leaning tree is putting your property and loved ones at risk, contact Nevada Tree Service to inspect the tree and then give you an honest opinion.

Regulate Moisture

Trees and the subsequent shade provided by them can create dampness in areas directly beneath the tree cover. The presence of constant moisture can slowly result in rot for any wood in the area and create mildew in others. Removing trees will allow sunlight to get through preventing the accumulation of moisture.

Unblock The View

Sometimes tree provide a beautiful view, but other times they can block an even better view. Consider removing trees that are blocking windows or trees that stand in the way of a great view from your porch. Overgrown and poorly maintained trees can negatively affect the curb appeal of your home. Removing unsightly trees will improve the aesthetic appeal of your new home.

Deciding to remove trees can be a difficult decision, but the decision and process can be made easier with an experienced tree removal company. If you have any questions about tree removal on your newly purchased Las Vegas property, whether it to be to ensure safety or improve curb appeal, contact Nevada Tree Service today for an honest opinion and free estimate.

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Trees can add both beauty and value to a property, but they can also pose a threat if not properly maintained. If you have trees on your Las Vegas property it is crucial that you maintain them correctly so that they can live a long life without endangering your home or family. Routine tree maintenance and care will improve the appearance and health of the tree, along with improving the condition of surrounding landscaping and preventing damage from dead or decaying branches.

An unmaintained tree in poor condition is sometimes best to remove in order to avoid putting people and the property at risk. However, tree removal can be dangerous if not performed with sufficient knowledge about how to do it properly and safely. Tree removal can be done on your own, but is best done by experienced professionals.

Ways To Maintain Trees

Though there are many ways to maintain trees, two of the most common techniques used include pruning and mulching.

Pruning involves cutting down branches and other sections of the tree and is primarily done to remove any dead or disease-infected parts. If you neglect to prune infected branches, you increase the possibility of disease spreading to other sections of the tree, which can often cause irreparable damage.

Mulching aims at supporting the roots by offering it a cooler environment and making it stronger. To make it more effective, mulch is placed at least 3 inches below the ground level so that the roots of the tree are completely enveloped. Mulch also keeps away weeds from the roots.

Nevada Tree Services offers Tree Maintenance services that will provide regular care for any tree on your property improving curb appeal and ensuring safety.

Ways To Remove Trees

Tree RemovalAn easy way to remove a tree is to fell it. For this, you need to look at whether there is sufficient free area available so that the tree can fall without damaging anything. Then check the lean of the tree and cut it in a way that it will fall in the free area. If there is not enough free area around, you will need to cut the tree in sections.

To remove the stumps manually, you can use using a chainsaw, a shovel and other such equipment. Another option is to use chemicals like potassium nitrate to soften and destroy it completely. You can also choose to burn down the stump by drilling a hole through its center.

Tree removal is best done by experienced professionals, especially if the tree is too big or overgrown to remove on your own. With specialized knowledge and techniques, Nevada Tree Service is able to safely remove any tree on your property.

Contact Nevada Tree Service today for a free estimate on superior Tree Maintenance and Tree Removal services for Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas.

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Trees are definitely the source of natural beauty and freshness in your home space. However, at times they grow up in inappropriate areas such as a construction sites. Removing a tree can become really complicated at times even for the tree removing services. These services are well equipped with professional tools and methods that can ease out the process. Tree has its roots spread wide across the larger section of the ground and if it has grown really big, then the equal amount of effort is required to remove it. In this post, we are going to discuss few tips that can help you efficiently while removing the tree.

Las Vegas Tree Removal


  1. Assess The Possibilities

It might be possible that you can keep the tree and instead trim it. Often, it has been found that people fall in complexities of maintaining the tree and finally decide to remove it to avoid the  hassles. In such cases, the tree removal is not among the suggested choices. If the tree has occupied the perfect space, what can be better than that? Take the help of some tree trimming service or you can also do it  on  you own. For this, you would require some mastery over the climbing and balancing. This can be little difficult at first but if you find it really tough, make a call and ask for the professional’s help.

  1. Protect the Environment

Tree removal is not as simple as you expect it to be. It can become really messy at times. It totally depends on the length of the tree, its density and the breed. Some tree have the soft logs while others are very rigid. You may have experienced that a lot of dust, debris and waste tend to get collected during the process. It is advised to cover the nearby lawn, property, buildings and even the passages. The waste consists of wood pieces, insects, branches and chemical used in the cutting equipments. Till the time process continues, try to stay away from the dusty environment

  1. Stay Protected

It is very important to protect you, your family and neighbours during the tree removal. It is possible that unknowingly, you might face a hit. Try to evacuate the area and suggest the same to other people who stay nearby till the process lasts. This can help prevent hazardous situations. A tree removal service is well aware of all the facts and operations that would be required to tackle such situations. If you are somehow engaged in the process, wear safety gears like hard shell vests, respirators, protective eye glasses, impact gloves and hard pants with boots.


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Do you know how to safely care for and remove trees?

While trees can add value to your home, shade, and in some instances even food, they can also pose a risk if not cared for properly. In the event that you do need help with tree services, we at Nevada Tree Service are here to help. With reliable and experienced professionals, we can preform even the toughest jobs out there.

3 Reasons You Should Remove a Tree

Knowing when you need tree removal is the first step to understanding it. Here are three instances when you should call to have a tree removed from your property:

  1. Tree Location – Is there a tree too close to your home? Is it causing cracks in your walls or the foundations of your home? If a tree is not removed, it can cause serious damage to your home, which could be extremely costly if not addressed quickly.
  2. Tree Health – Dead trees can pose various risks for damage, especially in the event that they fall. Also, in some instances, trees can be sick, which can translate into damage to the rest of your landscaping. If this is the case, removing the tree is always the best course of action.
  3. Tree Debris – Do you have a tree that is always filling your yard with leaves and dead branches? At Nevada Tree Service we understand that some trees cause more work than needed. If this is the case, we can remove the tree and assist in finding a better alternative that is perfect for your yard.

What are the Benefits of Tree Service?

Part of being a homeowner is properly carrying for your landscaping. When it comes to trees in your yard, that includes tree care, tree trimming, root pruning, and many more services that we at Nevada Tree Service provide.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with regular tree service include a nicer looking yard, longer lasting trees and landscaping, improved shade and look, as well as a general increase of the value of your home. If these sound like the benefits you would enjoy, be sure to give us a call for service in your area!

Are you looking for reliable tree removal and care services in the Las Vegas area? We at Nevada Tree Service are the top in the field of tree removal, care and maintenance ensuring the safety and beauty of your home!

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No one wants unsightly or potentially damaging trees taking up valuable space in their yard. Rather than risk injury to yourself or your property, a good step is to partner with a specialist in tree removal services. The convenience and quality work offered by a professional in tree care can save you not only time, but resources as well.


Tree Removal Las Vegas

  • Tree stump removal: Tree stumps can be an eyesore in your yard and serve no real purpose. There are several options when it comes to removing a stump, including grinding it down, applying a chemical, or pulling it out from the roots. A trained professional in tree care can present the best course of action for removal of these nuisances.
  • Trees have died: A dead tree is not only unattractive, but has the potential to cause damage. Brittle wood can cause branches or limbs to fall on power lines, vehicles, and people. It is better to take care of the issue now rather than risk injury to your family or property. Tree removal services specialize in evaluating the situation and mapping out the best course of action for the homeowner’s need.
  • Trees are causing damage: When a tree is planted close to structures like homes, outbuildings, and pools, they can begin to cause damage to the property. As the roots come up from the ground, they can lift concrete, creep into underground sewer systems, and even break walls. The solution may lie in pruning the roots or eliminating the issue by removing the tree. Care must be taken during this process to protect the property and the surrounding area.

Partner with a Professional

No matter what issues trees may be causing in your yard, there are solutions available that are practical and affordable. When you partner with a professional in tree removal services like Nevada Tree, you can be sure you will receive the best advice and quality work that will remedy the situation and get your yard back to normal.

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Unsightly tree stumps can be pesky and inconvenient yard ornaments, and doing the work to remove them may seem daunting. Whether you do the work yourself or rely on a specialist in tree removal, there are solutions for getting rid of these nuisances.


Tree Stump Removal Las Vegas

Here are four ways to remove tree stumps from your yard.

  1. Grinding: Rent a stump grinder from a local retailer or hire a professional who specialize
    s in tree removal to get the job done. The machine works to grind the surface of tree stumps, all the way to the roots.
  2. Burning: This method may seem like the simplest, since you avoid throwing chemicals on the stump and you can save strain on your back. First, contact the local fire department to make sure there are no restrictions for open fires in your area. After you have the go-ahead, lay cut wood on top of the stump and surround it with more wood. Let the fire burn for several hours, then clean out the ash and replace with sawdust.
  3. Digging: Using a shovel, dig around the stump to expose the roots as much as possible. Use a root saw to chop the roots into pieces and pull out what you are able with a grub hoe. When all the roots are removed, pull up the stump, using a shovel if necessary. Fill the hole with sawdust, adding to it as the material sinks down.
  4. Chemicals: Special chemicals, which can be secured through retailers who are knowledgeable about tree removal, are designed to break up stumps and make them easier to remove. Drill a series of holes on the top surface of the stump, spacing them evenly.Apply the chemical remover, being sure to keep kids and pets away from the area. It may take several weeks for tree stumps to soften and begin to rot, and after this time can be chopped with a shovel or ax.

Safety First

Whatever method you decide on, be sure to practice safety first. Wear proper eye wear, protective gloves, and keep the area safe from kids. When in doubt, contact a trusted and professional company like Nevada Tree to handle the job.

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Some spiritual beliefs hold that souls manifest themselves as trees. If this is the case, then deciding when to remove a tree becomes a bit more difficult than just calling a tree service in Las Vegas for tree removal. But if you think a tree is just a tree, there are still considerations to be made before have a tree removed.

Old trees are a wonderful home for woodpecker to forage for food and to nest. Dying trees that are in no danger of falling on houses, roads, or people may just be left in place to decay naturally and fertilize the trees around them.



Las Vegas Damaged Tree Removal

Considerations before calling a Las Vegas tree removal service

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of having a tree removed, there are several considerations. Trees offer shade, they mediate the surrounding temperature, hold down soil erosion, and keep the air clean and fresh in addition to adding value and beauty to your property. Tree pruning and removal in Las Vegas is a job best left to the professionals at Nevada Tree Service.

Here are some things to consider about a tree before you call them:

  1. The health of the tree is of paramount importance. When over 50 percent of a tree is sick or damaged, it needs to be removed. Trees that are hollow or have trunk damage that cannot heal are candidates for removal.
  1. Whether the tree is a benefit to the surrounding area or a menace needs to be considered. Trees with weak wood that breaks off often, ones that drop a lot of stuff on the yard, ones with pavement and lawn-damaging shallow roots, and disease- or insect-infested trees need to be removed.

Trees that can be saved will benefit from in Las Vegas tree care or in Las Vegas tree pruning. Call the best Las Vegas tree service today, Nevada Tree Service.

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Sometimes you need to get rid of certain trees because of various reasons. The reasons might be: trees planted too close to your major structures; trees shaped badly; they are dead or there me a stump. Whatever may be the reason, tree removal is not a simple and easy task. You need to be mentally, financially and legally be prepared before starting the task of tree removal.

Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before you proceed for tree removal:

Insurance Aspects: While removing trees, it may fall on other valuable properties of yours or your neighbor’s and can cause personal injury as well. It may lead to serious consequences. So your insurance should cover all these aspects.

Underground Cables, Pipelines etc: Roots of some trees go very deep inside the earth. If you plan to remove such trees or their stump or roots, you must be aware of underneath cables, sewer or gas pipelines and their damage should be avoided.

Laws by Local Governing Bodies: Some municipal corporations and authorities have incorporated various laws which restrict or prohibit tree removal even from the private properties of individuals. You need to take permission in advance from appropriate authorities first before starting your work.

Estimation Of Weight And Associated Damage To Property: There may be the instances when some branches or trunk of your tree overhang to your neighbors property. In other case it may be too close to your own building. In such cases, apart from checking bylaws governing tree removal, you need to consult your neighbor and take his/her permission. Further, you need to have weight considerations in mind because sometimes small branches are actually much heavier than they seems to be. Underestimating can lead to serious damage to properties and other complications.

Disposal of Waste: Just removing the tree from your premises does end your task. You have to dispose the materials that are obtained after removing the tree. It can be tons of wood, branches and debris which need proper disposal. You cannot simply dump them at the mercy of municipal authorities. In fact, your need to estimate it in advance before you start actually removing the tree. To make job easier you may need an on-site shredder too.

Hire A Professional

If your home work on this issues is sufficient, you may proceed your own. But, if you have slightest of doubt, your need to hire a tree removal service provider.

Feel free to contact Nevada Tree Service at 702-433-4700 for all your needs regarding tree removal. With our team of trained professionals, we do help you to remove your trees without any hassle and no-obligation estimates.

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Tree removal is sometimes the inevitable solution for certain tree problems, but many times tree service technicians jump to the conclusion of removal before considering alternative options for treating the issues and pursuing different routes for fixing the problem. Fortunately, tree service providers like Nevada Tree Service are willing to consider various options before resorting to tree removal in Las Vegas.

Tree RemovalThe Alternatives for Tree Removal

With proper tree care in Las Vegas, total tree removal won’t be necessary as often. People should actively work to eliminate hazards with trees by following a few simple steps, such as:

  • Regular pruning:- Don’t let dead or weak branches sit in a tree for long periods of time. Also, set aside time to cut back overhanging branches, which might cause a threat to personal safety.
  • Choosing planting spots carefully:- Don’t plant in areas where the roots might eventually pose a threat to the structure of the house or to other plants in the yard.
  • Taking note of weak structural spots:- When the base splits, make sure to keep an eye on any potential structural threats. When cabling or bracing seems necessary, contact professional providers of tree care in Las Vegas to assess the problem.

When Removal is Inevitable

Certain scenarios exist where tree removal is the only viable option for success. Sometimes a tree will begin leaning at a hazardous angle, which has potential to transform into a highly dangerous situation without the proper action. Also, when a tree dies, removal is the only option.

Trees become a cherished part of a yard and a home, and it can often be difficult to part with them. When the alternative routes don’t produce the desired outcome, tree removal in Las Vegas becomes a necessity.

To gain a better understanding of tree removal alternatives, contact the tree experts at Nevada Tree Service to gather more information about the subject.

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