A tree between two houses can often provide an extra level of privacy for both sides of the fence or at a minimum a better view than a neighbor’s window. While a tree between you and the house next door can have some benefits, it can create problems if that tree becomes diseased, damaged, or weakened.


Dangers Of A Tree That Needs To Be Removed


Trees can become dangerous for a number of reasons such as disease, insect or pest infestation, fungus, rot, damaged or broken branches, root weakness, and leaning. When unaddressed, these issues and among others can lead to property damage, personal injury to you or loved ones, and can even affect the health of surrounding trees or landscaping. A tree showing signs that it needs to be cut down should be carefully monitored and quickly removed, preferably with the help of a professional tree removal company.


Dangers Of A Damaged Tree Between Homes


A damaged tree can cause a number of problems even when it is out on its own in a big yard, but when its nestled between two homes it can put both properties at risk. A dead or damaged tree puts both houses in jeopardy of branches falling onto them or even the whole tree falling over. At the very least, a damaged tree can lean on a fence or even push it over.

Branches that fall on a house could potentially break windows, cause roof damage, rip off gutters, scrape exterior walls, or worse fall on a person standing near by. If the whole tree fell over, the level of damage or injury to each individual property would be so much greater. If the tree is large enough it could cause structural damage to more than just the roof and could even lead to plumbing issues.

If the tree is technically on your property, you will be held responsible for not only the damage to your home, but also for the damage to your neighbor’s home. If the tree is straddling property lines, it could cause more than property damage, it could also result in a conflicting and stressful situation between you and your neighbor.


How Should You Remove A Tree Between Two Houses


If a tree between you and the home next door is showing signs of weakness, decay or if the tree is dead, the most important thing you can do is to act quickly and have the tree removed as soon as possible, especially if there is not much room between the two houses.

Removing a tree is not an easy task when there is nothing in the surrounding area, but it becomes significantly more complicated when there isn’t much room to maneuver. If the proper precautions are not taken or the proper cuts made, the tree could fall on either houses and even cause damage to both houses regardless of which direction it falls.

The best way to cut down a tree between two houses is to hire a professional and experienced tree removal company. Nevada Tree Service in Las Vegas, NV has provided superior tree service since 1962 and has the experience needed to remove a tree regardless of its surroundings.

If your tree is putting your house and that of someone else’s at risk, don’t attempt to remove it yourself. You will only increase the risk of damage to the properties and create a serious risk of injuring yourself or anyone nearby. Before the tree can cause a costly problem or serious injury, call Nevada Tree Service at (702) 433-4700.

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Harsh winds can cause major property damage, particularly when large trees fall over or tree branches fall down. A tree falling over can cause major property damage, serious injuries, and even fatalities making it a very dangerous risk.

Nevada can be known to have some harsh winds that have caused many trees to fall over creating damages to homes, vehicles, landscaping and even injuring people. Avoiding these costly problems can be done by informing yourself of the signs and indications that could point to a tree falling down.

What Causes Trees To Fall Down In High Winds?

Typically, healthy trees are strong enough to withstand harsh winds. You may see some broken branches and the tree may los some leaves, but in general the tree should stay upright. However, all trees have the potential of falling down from the sheer force of heavy winds and certain conditions can increase the risk of that happening.

Among the most common reasons a tree is uprooted are:

  • Soggy or saturated base soil
  • Shallow soil
  • Compromised, damaged or unhealthy root system
  • Becoming top heavy during heavy rains
  • Poorly planted
  • Restricted root system
  • Improper pruning
  • Age of the tree
  • Species of the tree
  • Wood decay
  • Presence of disease or fungus
  • Pre-existing damage


These situations can all contribute to the fall of a tree, which is why it is important to take the time to check the condition of your trees. You never know when a harsh windstorm will hit and it is far better to be prepared by maintaining the health of your trees than to run the risk of experiencing major damages.

How To Avoid Having A Tree Fall Down During High Winds?


The best way to prevent a tree from falling is to be proactive in maintaining the health and condition of your trees. Investing in professional tree service to care for and trim your trees will keep your trees in good standing. Regular tree service from professional arborists will also help to identify potential problems before they can become worse.

To know if a tree in your yard is at a higher risk for falling, take a few minutes to look at the appearance of the tree. Is it leaning? Does it have cracks holes in the bark of the trunk? Is the canopy as full as it should be? Do you see mushrooms growing at the base of the tree or from the trunk? Does the soil seem excessively soft or wet? If you notice any of these signs, call a professional tree service company to inspect your tree and provide you with solutions.

Taking proper care of your trees and acting quickly when a tree is damaged or diseased is the best way to avoid having a tree fall over. Invest time in properly pruning and trimming the tree, be careful not to overwater, and address small problems before they become bigger ones.

Nevada Tree Service provides superior tree service for Las Vegas and surrounding areas. If you are worried that a tree on your property may fall over in the next windstorm, don’t hesitate and call us today at (702) 433-4700 to inspect the tree and make a professional recommendation.


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Whenever you hire a tree service company to remove trees from your property, there is always the risk of damage or injury. Trees are large and as such both homeowners and professional tree service companies cannot operate without the understanding that there is a possibility of damage or even injury to one or more of the workers in the process. It is important that you are well informed in case there is ever an accident on your property during a professional tree service.

Tree Service Company Insurance

Before you hire a tree service company, it is important to check that the company has both general liability insurance and workers compensation. Both help to provide you with financial protection in the case of an accident during the tree maintenance, tree removal or any other tree service process.

Worker’s compensation insurance will ensure that a worker is financially compensated in the event of accident or injury. Hiring a company with proper insurance helps to ensure that you are not financially liable.

General liability insurance offers compensation for any damages to your property. In other words, if a tree falls and destroys a side of the fence, then the insurance company will pay for the damages. However, keep in mind that general liability insurance does not cover for worker injuries. If an employee of the tree service company is injured on your property and the company only offered general liability, you will then be required to compensate for those injuries. This is why it is advised to always ensure that the tree service company offers both types of insurance.

What To Do If The Tree Service Company Does Not Have Workers Comp Insurance?

If a worker is injured when tending to a tree on your property and you find that the company does not have workers comp insurance, you will legally be bound to pay financial compensation to the worker. Because the company that employed the worker is uninsured, you are essentially considered the employer by the court making you responsible for any injuries while workers are performing the task you have contracted for.

The best way to protect yourself from potentially crippling financial responsibility is to ensure that the tree service company you hire is comprehensively insured. You can request to view their Certificate Of Insurance along with policy information to ensure that their insurance is both in place and in good standing.

Nevada Tree Service In Las Vegas

At Nevada Tree Service, we operate at the highest level of professionalism in order to ensure that you receive the highest level of service on any job including ensuring that our workers are covered and you are protected. Call our office today at (702) 433-4700 for detailed information on our insurance coverage.


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Identifying the onset of sickness in a tree will help you to prevent it from getting worse. However, most homeowners have a very poor idea of what to look for when checking for sickness in trees. Being diligent in checking to condition of your trees and learning the signs of a sick, diseased, or dying tree will help you to extend the life of your trees or remove a tree before it can cause damage or injury.


Nevada Tree Service in Henderson, Nevada has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with sick trees. Our team is prepared to identify a sick or dying tree and then provide you with affordable solutions to take care of it. In this post, we will look at four ways you can tell when a tree is sick providing you with a basic idea of what condition your trees are in.


Inspect The Bark


The condition of the tree bark can provide clear signs of the health of the tree and it is typically easy to notice any unhealthy signs. Take the time to carefully check the bark of the tree for fungus, spots that look damaged, cracks, or flaky brittle sections Fungus and carved out spots can be an indication of rot, while cracks canindicate a weakened and unstable tree. Healthy bark will usually feel pliable and soft, having almost the same coverage on the surface of the trunk. In contrast, you can easily identify a sick tree by inspecting whether the bark is flaky or brittle.


Root Issues


The roots provide another telltale sign of possible disease in a tree. If visible, inspect the tree’s rootschecking specifically to see if they are waterlogged, soggy or show signs of fungus growth. You may also be able to tell if a tree’s roots are damaged if the tree is noticeably slanted.


Check The Twigs And Branches


Checking the twigs and branches of your tree can also provide you with a clear sign of possible sickness. Are there bare branches, dead branches, or branches with dead leaves? This is a sure sign of a tree that is sick or diseased. You can also try breaking a twig off from a branch and then opening in to check the color of the inside. A bright green color indicates a healthy tree, while dull green color is a sign of a tree that is alive, but aging. However, if the inside of the twig is black or brown, it clearly indicates a dead branch.


Look At The Leaves


If you begin to notice that the leaves of the tree are dropping excessively, it should also be taken as a warning sign of sickness. Watch for trees that start losing leaves during summer or spring. You can also tell if a tree is sick if it has leaves that remain attached to the branches, but have shriveled in size or have become discolored.


Las Vegas Tree Care


Nevada Tree Service offers comprehensive tree service and tree care that can identify the health of a tree and then provide you the options needed to treat the tree if possible or remove the tree if needed. We also offer tree disease prevention to help ensure the health of any tree on your property.  Call us today at (702) 433-4700 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.


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Trees provide many benefits for a property including aesthetic appeal or shade, but there comes a time when it becomes safer to cut a tree down than to leave it. When a tree shows signs that it must be cut down, it is extremely important for homeowners to act quickly and responsibly to ensure that it is removed an accident or hazardous situation can result. Failing to remove a tree can end in costly damage to property or, worse, in injury to yourself or those you love most.


At Nevada Tree Service, we understand the danger presented from trees that need to be cut down, which is why we highly recommend that you act quickly to avoid a dangerous situation. We offer professional Las Vegas tree removal in which our team of professionals will safely and effectively cut down the tree or trees necessary. The following are important signs to watch for if you suspect that a tree on your property may need to be cut down.




A diseased tree can be very dangerous as it presents a greater risk of falling. Disease in the tree can be identified through a number of indications. Among the first signs of disease to check foris the color and condition of its leaves. If the color of the leaves has taken a yellowish or discolored tone, hasstrange nodules, and shows little to no veins, your tree is very likely diseased. Another clear indication of disease in a tree is branches that are weak or trees with branches that seem to fall off frequently. A diseased tree is also prone to have roots, trunk, or branches that are rotting. Diseased trees may also become overtaken with pests such as insects, rodents, scorpions or worms.


Infected With Fungus


Check your tree thoroughly for any fungus growth on the trunk or at the roots. Mushroom growth at the base of tree or even on the trunk is an obvious sign that certain regions of the tree have been infected with fungus and have already started to rot. If you notice widespread fungal growth, then it is highly recommended that you cut down the tree immediately.


Hazardous Branches Or Horizontal Roots


If there are branches overhanging over your home or other structures on your property, you may be forced to cut down the tree as a long-term solution to protect your house or prevent costly repairs. This is especially true if there are too many branches or if the tree itself is permanently slanted in a way that will surely result in branches that will end up growing over your If this is the case, cutting down the branches will only be a temporary solution as they will continually grow back. In contrast, cutting the tree down will ensure that you get preventoverhanging branches from becoming a problem.


Overgrown roots or those growing horizontally can result in damages to property, landscaping, sprinkler systems, plumbing, or even sewer lines. Overgrown roots can also compromise the strength and stability of the tree making it crucial to act quickly in having the tree cut down.


Wrong Type Of Tree


It is extremely important to be sure that all trees planted on your property are compatible with the soil and climate of the area. Trees that incorrectly planted will not grow to their full potential and will be more susceptible to disease or weakness. Cutting down a tree that doesn’t belong will be the best way to avoid potential problems or hazards in the future.


Las Vegas Tree Removal


Nevada Tree Service provides professional tree removal for Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas. If you have a tree that you think may need to be cut down, call us today at (702) 433-4700. We not only have the knowledge to be able to inspect the tree to be sure, but we also have the experience and tools needed to safely and effectively cut it down.


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The decision to cut a tree can be difficult, but often necessary. A diseased tree or tree in very poor condition can put property and people at risk. Sometimes, even a healthy tree needs to be cut in order to improve landscaping or to encourage new growth. If you have a tree on your property that should be cut down, you must keep a few things in mind to ensure your safety and avoid damages.Without taking proper precautions cutting a tree on your own can turn out to be disastrous.

Keep People Away

Cutting a tree can be dangerous. Mistakes while cutting or the tree changing direction during the fall can cause damage or injury. Ask people to stay away at a safe distance. You should also plan an escape path for yourself that will allow you to quickly get away as the tree is falling.

Determine The Fall

Examine the premises and have a clear idea of where the tree will fall if you cut it from a particular angle and direction. Ideally, the tree should be cut in the direction it naturally leans in and fall into an open area, but unfortunately a tree will not always fall the direction you intend for nor is there a guarantee of empty ground in the surrounding areas.If empty ground is not available, do your best to clear the area and remove loose branches.

Tree CuttingCutting Techniques

Influencing the fall of a tree is dependent on the directional notch made. Notch techniques vary and should be researched properly to ensure the ideal technique for the tree and area. Choosing the best tool, whether a chainsaw or axe, can also influence the way a tree is cut.

Look Out For Branches

Check to see if falling branches from the tree will impact anything directly. Often this step is forgotten, resulting in branches that fall on electric wires and or on structures. If you think there is even the slightest chance that branches will cause damage as the tree falls, be sure to first cut those branches before you start cutting the tree trunk.

Cutting a tree can be dangerous and unpredictable, making it highly recommended to hire professional tree cutting services. Nevada Tree Service has extensive knowledge and experience in  Tree Removal and Trimming. No matter the size or shape of the tree, we are able to ensure that the tree is cut safely, without causing any damage to you or your property. Call us today at (702) 433-4700 for a free estimate on Las Vegas tree cutting or tree removal.

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Is it time to finally remove that tree in the front yard?

Tree companies are available to help get rid of unwanted, dead or dying trees and stumps, but they can also help keep landscaping manicured by pruning and trimming. Tree companies are often employed for the following:

When choosing a professional tree company to help care for your trees, the following questions aren’t asked often, but they’re some of the most critical ones to get answered:

1. Do They Have General Liability Insurance?

While every tree company should hire professionally trained workers, there is risk involved in several job functions. In the unlikely event that anything should happen as a result of the work being performed – such as damage to property – general liability insurance kicks in to correct and repair the damages.

2. Do They Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Just like general liability insurance, each tree company should have workers’ compensation insurance in the unlikely event of an accident where an employee is harmed. This compensation helps the injured person(s) with wage replacement, medical treatment, and rehabilitation.

3. Are They Properly Licensed?

It is illegal to provide tree-removal services without a license. Period. Legitimate companies will be able to provide proof of both insurance and licensing.

Tree Companies Las Vegas4. Do They Have Safe Trimming Practices Set In Place?

A tree company should have safe trimming practices in place to protect their employees from harm. Inquire whether the company enforces safe trimming practices like the ones provided by OSHA to reduce any level of risk to the worker.

Keep in mind that when hiring a tree company, many insurance companies will consider it negligent if a homeowner fails to verify insurance and licensing information. This could result in the homeowner being held responsible for damages and injuries sustained on the job site. Choose a company like Nevada Tree Service so you can feel confident that you are protected – we are happy to provide proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance for you to call and verify.

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Tree service is not an uncomplexed activity. When you plan tree pruning, many factors needs your consideration. Before moving to the effectiveness of professional services in pruning, it is important to discuss the use of tree pruning.


If done correctly, tree pruning can be very beneficial for the landowners and the environment as well. The three reasons mentioned below will help you understand the importance of tree pruning.

1. Trees affect visibility

Ever noticed how huge trees can block the view of sign hoarding outside a retail store? Such trees often block the good sight lines for traffic thus, affecting your business.  The property or business owners should get the trees pruned regularly to be sure that the money they have invested in such business marketing is not wasted. Or the important signs that property owners have placed should not go unnoticed.

Tree Pruning Las Vegas

According to the ANSI A300 Standards, huge trees can be trimmed up to 30% of the overall height of the trees. Best Management Practices provided by the International Society of Arboriculture also help to execute the procedure efficiently.

2. Clear Building Space

Many times, trees are planted very close to the buildings. But, a good practice is to leave at least a 5 to 10-foot gap from the peripheral part of the buildings.

It is advisable that the trees residing close to the buildings should be pruned by “180 degrees”. In such a way, landowners can attain long-term reduced costs of maintenance. In cases that the tree is gigantic (over 50 feet), the risks of lopsided tree increases. To be sure that this does not happen, one should regularly engage in tree pruning exercises on a tree-by-tree basis.

3. Improve your parking space

Once you have created ample of space near your buildings, the next task revolves around planning up a good space for your parking. By pruning the trees near the parking lot, you can create space to accommodate your cars. This process is executed to trees with a height of 8 to 13 feet but as per A300 pruning standards, one should keep in mind that it does not exceed 30% of the tree’s total height. Long trees need pruning off of the branches as these can cause hindrances to large vehicles like pickup trucks, vans or trailers.

Now that you have a fair understanding of the importance of tree pruning, you should also know the need to hire professional services for the same.

As stated earlier, it is not easy to prune a tree efficiently. There is a perception amongst people that just by using heavy shears, trees can be brought to proper and desired shape. But, it might be not well known that if a tree is pruned more than 30% of the foliage, the food producing capacity of tree can be affected as the structure becomes fragile.

Thus, hiring professionals to prune the trees can ensure that you get a clear space without impacting the environment. The professional services also provide tree and stump removal services with utmost care to the property. The experts ensure that falling branches or large trucks do not damage your property.

These professionals have adequate machines that are useful for instant grinding of the stump giving space to new plants and flower beds.

Looking for professional tree services for your space? Call us @702-433-4700. The expert services provided will inevitably reduce your burden of maintaining cleanliness around your building.


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A tree just fell on your house: now what?

One of the worst things to run into, as a homeowner, is an emergency. A tree falling on your home is definitely one of them. If this has just happened to you, clear the area and call us at Nevada Tree Service, your reliable Las Vegas emergency tree service provider.

What Should You Do If a Tree Falls On Your Home?

As we said above, the first thing you should do if a tree falls on your home is to call for emergency tree services. That said, there are still a few more things you can do including removing valuables from the area, calling your insurance company, and if the damage is severe enough, leaving your home altogether.

3 Signs Your Tree May Fall

Responding to a fallen tree is always an emergency service, but there are still some ways to prevent this from happening. Three signs to look out for include:

  1. Rotting – One of the most easily identifiable signs that there is an “at risk” tree in your yard is rotting. Usually rot will be seen closer to the roots and includes the presence of mushrooms and other molding.
  2. Leaning – If you see a tree leaning to one direction, or exposed roots, there is an issue with your tree. Trees should generally be upright and sturdy, and a leaning tree could be a liability during storms season.
  3. Falling Branches – Is your tree literally falling apart? If a tree starts to lose complete branches and pieces of bark, this could definitely be a sign of worse things to come.

If you see any of these symptoms, give us a call and get tree service, which can easily remediated symptoms before they escalate.

Has a tree fallen on your home? Call Nevada Tree Service for fast and reliable emergency tree services, tree maintenance, and tree removal care. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%!

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Do you know how to safely care for and remove trees?

While trees can add value to your home, shade, and in some instances even food, they can also pose a risk if not cared for properly. In the event that you do need help with tree services, we at Nevada Tree Service are here to help. With reliable and experienced professionals, we can perform even the toughest jobs out there.

3 Reasons You Should Remove a Tree

Knowing when you need tree removal is the first step to understanding it. Here are three instances when you should call to have a tree removed from your property:

  • Tree Location – Is there a tree too close to your home? Is it causing cracks in your walls or the foundations of your home? If a tree is not removed, it can cause serious damage to your home, which could be extremely costly if not addressed quickly.
  • Tree Health – Dead trees can pose various risks for damage, especially in the event that they fall. Also, in some instances, trees can be sick, which can translate into damage to the rest of your landscaping. If this is the case, removing the tree is always the best course of action.
  • Tree Debris – Do you have a tree that is always filling your yard with leaves and dead branches? At Nevada Tree Service we understand that some trees cause more work than needed. If this is the case, we can remove the tree and assist in finding a better alternative that is perfect for your yard.

What are the Benefits of Tree Service?

Part of being a homeowner is properly carrying for your landscaping. When it comes to trees in your yard, that includes tree care, tree trimming, root pruning, and many more services that we at Nevada Tree Service provide.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with regular tree service include a nicer looking yard, longer lasting trees and landscaping, improved shade and look, as well as a general increase of the value of your home. If these sound like the benefits you would enjoy, be sure to give us a call for service in your area!

Are you looking for reliable tree removal and care services in the Las Vegas area? We at Nevada Tree Service are the top in the field of tree removal, care and maintenance ensuring the safety and beauty of your home!

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