Is it time to finally remove that tree in the front yard?

Tree companies are available to help get rid of unwanted, dead or dying trees and stumps, but they can also help keep landscaping manicured by pruning and trimming. Tree companies are often employed for the following:

When choosing a professional tree company to help care for your trees, the following questions aren’t asked often, but they’re some of the most critical ones to get answered:

1. Do They Have General Liability Insurance?

While every tree company should hire professionally trained workers, there is risk involved in several job functions. In the unlikely event that anything should happen as a result of the work being performed – such as damage to property – general liability insurance kicks in to correct and repair the damages.

2. Do They Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Just like general liability insurance, each tree company should have workers’ compensation insurance in the unlikely event of an accident where an employee is harmed. This compensation helps the injured person(s) with wage replacement, medical treatment, and rehabilitation.

3. Are They Properly Licensed?

It is illegal to provide tree-removal services without a license. Period. Legitimate companies will be able to provide proof of both insurance and licensing.

Tree Companies Las Vegas4. Do They Have Safe Trimming Practices Set In Place?

A tree company should have safe trimming practices in place to protect their employees from harm. Inquire whether the company enforces safe trimming practices like the ones provided by OSHA to reduce any level of risk to the worker.

Keep in mind that when hiring a tree company, many insurance companies will consider it negligent if a homeowner fails to verify insurance and licensing information. This could result in the homeowner being held responsible for damages and injuries sustained on the job site. Choose a company like Nevada Tree Service so you can feel confident that you are protected – we are happy to provide proof of workers’ compensation and liability insurance for you to call and verify.

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Health of plants is of paramount concern We often tend to ignore the needs and requirements of trees around us. They are very much like us living beings. They also need proper nutrition and safety check for a stronger growth. Pruning and trimming are horticulture activities that take care of the health of a plant. let us look at the benefits of trimming and pruning elaborately-

1) Health

Both young and mature trees require safety checks. They have dead and dying branches which if not taken care of will destroy the growth of the plant. This damage is caused either by disease, insect, animals. A destroyed tree will hurt a plant’s natural growth and shape. Secondly, also gives birth to weak branches. If branches are crossing and rubbing against each other we, trim them in order to prevent them from falling unexpectedly. One can also remove live branches through trimming.

2) Appearance

Pruning helps in maximising the beauty of a tree. By pruning we remove the the unwanted branches and parts which might be hampering the growth or making the tree look over populated. We prune in order to-

  • Control the size of the plant
  • To keep shrubs dense and in well proportion
  • Remove waterspouts, suckers and improper fruit structures

3) Reduce Risk

When trees grow dense and large in size and shape there is always a possibility of falling. In extreme weather conditions like storm if excess branches are not cut there is a possibility of them falling and hurting anyone or anything in the surrounding. It the trees are located in pedestrian area or along a path it can be a risk to someone’s life. The branches can also fall on any car and can be of great loss. Low hanging or loose branches should be immediately cut.

4) Young Tree Growth

There is a reason behind why pruning young trees is good for them. Pruning young trees is important for their growth and future. By this we provide them with structural enhancement. By this we ensure that a tree has structural integrity and a definite and architectural growth. Young pruning also ensures that the tree will not face any huge problems in the future keeping huge costs at bay.

5) Maintenance

Pruning and trimming helps in maintaining a plant. It gives them a structure. If trees are not pruned for a long period of time they might become deformed or pruning them after a long time will be very costly. While trimming make sure you are handling young shrubs and not cutting the leader. Remove any branch that grows towards the centre of the the tree. Remove multiple leaders of origin and retain only one in one place.

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Trees on your property can be a great benefit or a great risk, depending on how you take care of them. If properly cared for, trees will add value to your home and property. If allowed to grow too large and die, then they pose the risk of falling on the home and causing incredible damage. To help you determine the value of your trees or the risk they might pose, consider consulting a tree service in Las Vegas.

A tree service company can provide numerous services, a few of which have been explained here:

  • Tree removal. When trees grow too large, tree removal in Las Vegas may be necessary to ensure safety of a house or any buildings on the property. Old trees that are very tall and thin cause the highest risk, as they can be easily knocked down and are large enough to cause a great deal of damage. To remove a tree is a time consuming, difficult, and fairly risky job, as it must be done without endangering nearby property.
  • Tree trimming. Pruning a tree’s branches can help it grow larger and healthier over time, and can influence the shape in which the tree grows. Improper pruning, however, can seriously stunt the growth of a tree and kill it in extreme cases. The tree must be trimmed in such a way that allows the greatest amount of light and nutrients to reach the tree and allow it to grow stronger than it was before.
  • Tree Planting. Planting new trees may seem like a simple enough task, as it apparently involves little more than digging a hole and dropping in a seed or stripling. However, a tree must be planted in the right place, in the right soil, and with a proper chance at receiving water and sunlight.

To learn more about tree trimming in Las Vegas or other services, contact Nevada Tree Service.

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