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Removing a tree can be dangerous and should not be attempted without a certified arborist.  A certified arborist is a licensed professional in the Tree Service and Tree Care field that has the appropriate training to handle a Tree Removal.

The are numerous reasons for removing trees from your property.  First being if the tree is dead or is dying.  The sooner you realize that it needs to be removed the better as the longer you wait the more the tree will decompose and become a longer more difficult and expensive removal then if you where to have it removed once you notice that the tree is dying.  Las Vegas Tree Service often encounters harsh dry weather for trees, so try to keep them healthy but if you notice they are not give us a call at Nevada Tree Service and we will remove it for you.

Some of the other reasons for needing to remove a tree would be:

Storm damage – lightning strikes to a tree can jeopardize the health of the tree as well as your home if the tree is to close the house.

Leaning Tree or Tree to close to house – If you have a tree and it is leaning toward your home or office building or garage or any other land fixture that may be at risk if the tree where to fall.

New Construction –  If you are having new construction it may be necessary to remove trees in order to complete construction.  However we recommend only removing the trees that are necessary to complete construction and not to remove trees that are not in the construction path.

Exposed roots –  If the roots of the tree are exposed and cause danger to your sidewalks or driveways it may be necessary to remove tree.

Insect infestation – If your tree is over run by insects you may need to remove the tree but have our licensed arborist do an inspection to see if the tree is salvageable.

Interior Decay –  If you notice the tree is looking rooted from the inside you should have it inspected for its and your safety.

Cracks to the Main Trunk –  It the main truck becomes cracked or weakened it can become a serious health risk if it were to fall, this would be able to be ascertained by an inspection.

Crowding of Trees –  If you have to many trees in one area it may be necessary to remove a few to protect the safety of the remaining trees.

Nevada Tree Service offers a full range of Tree Services including Tree Removal.  For a Free Estimate and inspection for our licensed arborist please give us a call.

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